“Happy places” in London

When you’re leaving abroad, you can sometimes feel a bit homesick or just weary. Here is a list of “happy places”, places or just activities that make you feel better, where you can go to take your mind off this feeling!


– Sometimes we just need to stay in bed, so take a nice cup of coffee or tea, and stay under your cozy duvet while watching your favourite TV shows or cartoons

– If you like to read, you can go to Daunt Book, the chic bookshop in Marylebone. Nothing better than diving into fascinating stories to feel better!

Treat yourself and go take a brunch at your favourite place! If you don’t know where to go, here are some ideas: http://www.lespetitesjoiesdelavielondonienne.com/en/brunch-in-london

– If you feel lonely, maybe you just need to meet some new friends! Here are some ways to do so: http://ukstudentresidences.com/make-friends-london/

– Go do some shopping if your budget allows it. It’s well-known, shopping is a real therapy (but maybe only for women, it usually seems like an ordeal for men).

– Go take a lovely walk in London while listening to your favourite songs. Here are some itineraries you can take:

From Camden Market to Primrose Hill via Regent’s Park: https://londonhomestays.com/itinerary-london-camden-market-primrose-hill-via-regents-park/

From Notting Hill to Kensington via Portobello Market: http://ukstudentresidences.com/itinerary-london-notting-hill-kensington-via-portobello-market/

– If you are a sportsperson, get up early in the morning and go for a run during sunrise in one of London’s beautiful parks! Endorphins will give you the energy to face your day!

– Discover new and funny activities in London to keep you busy during your spare time! Here are some ideas:

Luna Cinema: https://londonhomestays.com/luna-cinema-london/

Musical: https://londonhomestays.com/lion-king-musical-review/

Best things to do in London: https://londonhomestays.com/11-best-things-london/

Walking Tours: http://ukstudentresidences.com/best-walking-tours-london/

Movie on the River: http://ukstudentresidences.com/movies-river-london/

Parks & Activities: http://ukstudentresidences.com/londons-best-parks-activities-sunny-days/

– Finally, if you have some days off, you should plan a little trip to go back home! Nothing is better to recharge your batteries than moments spent with family and old friends!


It’s up to you now to find what makes you feel better!

Sources: http://www.lespetitesjoiesdelavielondonienne.com/en/my-happy-places-in-london


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