11 Best Things to do in London

You are in London only for a short stay, and you would like some ideas about where to begin in this amazing city?

Here are some of the activities you could do:

– Go to the Sky Garden and eat or drink with a spectacular view on London. But don’t forget to book your visit in advance (free)!

– Take a drink at the top of the 95-floor Shard, also known as Shard of Glass.

– Go to Notting Hill to admire the beautiful sunset.

– Run at Hyde Park, one of the largest park in London.

– Eat a Fish & Chips at a pub on Trafalgar Square.

– Go on a cruise on the Thames, you will see key sightseeing locations.

– Enjoy the little shops of the Camden Market and assist to one of the numerous events there.

– Rent a small boat for the day in Cambridge, and go see the beautiful universities around here.

– Dance on a boat at a Silent Sounds Party (regular events).

– Go enjoy a famous show at a Musical theatre in Soho.

– Take a tour in Buckingham Palace during its summer opening.

Have a great stay in London!







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