London Homestays

Siamo London Homestays: ci occupiamo di fornire alloggi in famiglia o in residenzia a Londra,Inghilterra e facciamo parte di Home Student Services Ltd. Il nostro scopo è quello di garantire sicurezza e alloggi confortevoli a studenti provenienti da tutto il mondo e tirocinanti, ad un prezzo accettabile.

Siamo " London Homestays…."

Capiamo che muoversi in una città impegnativa come Londra può essere davvero difficile, ma noi, come London Homestays, ci battiamo per andare incontro a questo nel miglior modo possibile. Siamo una delle poche, fra le piccole agenzie, a essere riconosciuta ufficialmente dalla British Council come fornitore di alloggi in famiglia a tutte le scuole di lingua inglese.Questa è una cosa di cui andiamo molto fieri e per questo, possiamo provvedere alla garanzia della qualità dell’agenzia e dell’alloggio. Mettiamo la massima cura nell’incontrare tutte le vostre richieste; questo include cercare nel nostro database di famiglie fidate il migliore adattamento per le vostre richieste specifiche.

Conosciamo Londra perché viviamo là, lavoriamo là e socializziamo là. Capiamo com’è essere uno studente internazionale, visto che molti di noi hanno vissuto e studiato in altri paesi. Sappiamo quali sono le zone più comode di Londra per viaggiare ogni giorno dal tuo posto di lavoro o tirocinio e sappiamo inoltre quali zone sono più sicure di altre, quali sono quelle più vivaci per divertirsi e quali, invece, sono più tranquille, ideali per poter mangiare e,ovviamente, poter vivere.

London Homestays raggiunge il livello standard per registrarsi al British Council come fornitore di alloggi in famiglia a Londra, per adulti e per minorenni..


    Cosa dicono di noi...

    I am very thankful to London Homestays! Very nice and helpful staff, who have been patient all the way with my enquiries and helped me with efficiency! And the living place is also good, with great landlord and landlady and a reasonable price. It has been a great experience!
    13:01 06 Apr 17
    Really great experience to turn to London Homestays for help especially when i just arrived at London without a good place to live. Many many thanks to sweet Kate O'Connor and Richard Lambert for recommending over a dozen wonderful families to me and settling things down so perfectly within just two days. I am very grateful for your extremely professional help. I hope and am definitely sure that i will have a lovely time staying with my host lady in London. Can't thank Kate and Richard enough for all the effort they have made. Take care. XX Rachel
    Rachel Li
    17:27 22 Sep 16
    Thank you to all at London Homestays for help with both my group this summer and for my individual students as well. My students enjoyed staying with your hosts and I received a lot of positive feedback. :) I hope to bring more groups next year and will definitely use you again. A special thank you to Katie, Charlotte and Annette for answering my questions and making our stay so enjoyable. また来年お会いしましょう!
    Kyoko Yamada
    05:03 11 Oct 16
    London is an amazing place. The city gives you so many opportunities to develop yourself: to study and work, but also enjoy yourself very much! However, what makes it such a fantastic place are also the people. It is always difficult to come to another country and start afresh. But if you have friends around you, everything becomes easier. And London Homestays helped me to find these friends. Thank you guys for accomodating me at Pearl's. She is such a warm and kind person who made me feel like at home at her own home :) It's been a fantastic year! Wish you all the best!
    Aleksandra Zachariasz
    21:03 22 Aug 16
    James and Steve are fantastic to work with and I highly recommend UK Student Residences. I booked a flat from the United States for 10 American university students to stay at Stratford One. It was a 6 week stay in the summer of 2017, and I did everything remotely without any challenges. The accommodation was great and the customer service exemplary. 5 starts out of 5!
    David Brown
    14:21 20 Oct 17
    va multumim pentru ospitalitate Vom reveni!
    vlad dia
    13:39 23 May 18
    Quick, great and easy going service.
    Sanibel Donkor
    19:58 25 May 18
    I have just booked a homestay, and I am really looking forward for it. Till now, the management of London Homestays were very helpful to satisfy my preferences. Thank you Annette and Richard.
    Ryan Grech
    18:31 22 Jun 18
    The house and the host family are very nice.
    15:08 29 Sep 18
    Great service :)
    Flaviu Farcas
    14:33 21 May 18
    My daughter’s college didn’t help us with accommadations for her study abroad to London. We were a little intimated until we found London Homestays. They couldn’t have been more helpful and communicated with us every step of the way. Not knowing the city, my daughter chose a homestay that was going to be a long commute. They worked with us and were able to move her to a residence hall with an easier commute time. Even though she moved, her host was wonderful and she was more than a little sad to leave her. Their attention to detail and professionalism gave me so much peace of mind knowing that my daughter was in good hands. I highly recommend making London Homestays your first call when trying to find lodging for study abroad or internships.`
    Amie LaBrozzi
    23:55 10 Jan 19
    I go to school in NY and they told me I would have to find my own housing when I studied abroad. My mom found London Homestays and I can't imagine going through this process without the entire team at London Homestays, specifically Annette. I have never really been outside the US so I had no idea what I was doing but Annette and Charlotte answered every question I had and were so patient. I ordered an airport transfer and they were cooperative even when there was problems with my flight. I also realized, upon moving in, I picked a home too far from my school and the commute was very hard. Annette did not hesitate to help and actually found a residence closer to my school, to lesson the commute. Even though the commute is better, I am so sad to leave my host family. They take great care to make sure every homestay really does feel like a home away from home. They are always available to help and answer any questions and I can't imagine going through this process without them.
    20:53 11 Jan 19
    London Homestays team have done a great job. We had a specific problem in finding a place to stay and they had searched for the best possible solution. After 1 year, we are very happy with the overall experience. Thank you.
    Jose Patricio
    09:12 26 Apr 19
    UK Residences provided a wonderfully easy and personal process to finding a place to stay in London. Charlotte Wooler specifically helped my friends and I with providing specific information and answering any and all of our questions. I would definitely recommend to friends and use this company on future stays in London.
    Mackenzie Wilcox
    22:02 02 Jul 19
    Changed plans meant we didn't book but help and service we had while still looking was exceptional. Very prompt and offered us a place that we would have been very happy to take up. Fully recommend.
    Kate Caroe
    12:23 11 Oct 19
    Amazing service, London homestays provided me with high quality service and professionalism.
    Joseph Bou Nassif
    13:45 17 Mar 20

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