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10 Free Things to do in London

1- Admire the Rosetta Stone and Egyptian mummies at the British Museum. 2- See the world's oldest dinosaur sculptures at Crystal Palace Park. [caption id="attachment_9009" align="alignright" width="300"] View from the top of the Victoria Tower, the lesser known of the two towers of the Houses…

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“Happy places” in London

When you’re leaving abroad, you can sometimes feel a bit homesick or just weary. Here is a list of “happy places”, places or just activities that make you feel better, where you can go to take your mind off this…

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Top 10 of the best British TV shows

You’re coming in England to improve your English? What is better then than watching a British TV show to work your knowledge of the language, get used to hearing the British accent and reinforce your culture?! Here is a list of…

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