What to do this weekend in London – 06/07 October 2018

No plans for the weekend? Here are some ideas for you!   

Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds

Have you ever wondered how it looks inside your body? How big your heart, your lungs or your bones are in reality? Or just wondered how an embryo looks? Then this exhibition is the perfect one for you to answer all of your questions! Gunther von Hagen renowned ‘Body Worlds’ shows you real human bodies which are unique in this world. He also has exhibitions in countries all over the world but this one in London will be permanent.

The exhibitions at Piccadilly Circus opens to the public on Saturday 6th October and it’s located in the London Pavilion. We’re pretty sure you will be speechless which you watch inside the human’s skin. Additionally, as a good way of health education, you’ll learn a lot about your body and how it functions. So they say 6 months after visiting ‘Body Worlds’ 68% of the visitors wanted a healthier lifestyle, 33% started on a healthier diet and 25% were doing more sports than before.

Pink Oktoberfest

If you read our blog post from last weekend you already know about the Oktoberfest in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. So this weekend will be an LGBT+ day of pride and beer. Instead of the traditional band’s lip-synching, drag queens will take over the place on Sunday. There won’t be a dress code, everyone is welcome. You only have to be 18 years old to get in. There also exists a special offer for group bookings, if you buy four tickets, you get one free.

This is another perfect activity for those students living in our Bethnal Green residence, along with our Aldgate residence which is just 15 minutes away.

Space Shifters

Do you like the arts? There is a new show at the Southbank Centre. It’s all about the light and mirrors in the different rooms. So there are mirror installations where you can see yourself doubled or reflected everywhere. It’s like a house of mirrors. ‘Space Shifter’ is running until 06th January 2019, and is definitely worth going to.  It is just 15 minutes away from our new Vauxhall residence.

Here’s just an idea how different it could look like when you turn the world upside down like at ‘space shifters’.


A lovely weekend to everyone!

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