What to do this weekend in London – 8/9 December 2018

No plans for the weekend? Here is some inspiration for you!

Only 18 days left until Christmas! Are you excited? We definitely are! During Christmas, everything in London looks very cosy and festive. London is illuminated with even more lights than usual. Almost everywhere you go you feel like you’re in a little fairy tale. Here are some places and venues which will warm your heart even when it’s frozen outside. For the grinches, there are also venues for you!

Camden Fest

If you don’t care about Christmas or just want a fun night out then head to Camden on Saturday. Camden Fest is one of the most popular venues in Camden just because it offers you more than one option for a great night.

There is ‘the club’ which has two rooms with different music. They have confetti cannons, fire performances and also face painting. If you book your tickets in advance you only pay £6, otherwise you pay £10 for the entry before 11.30 pm.

A cosy wooden ‘winter chalet’ invites you to have a relaxed evening or even afternoon. It opens every day from 12 pm and stays open until late and at the weekends until the club also closes. Admission is free and the daily live music comes for free which is great! As well as all these great opportunities you can also enjoy the rooftop cinema. They have movies almost every day, and at the moment they are screening the classic Christmas movies, so for example this weekend you can watch Elf! You can have there also seasonal drinks like a frosted spiced mojito and mulled wine and food.

This is a perfect venue for students from our Chalk Farm residence and Camden Lock residence.

Churchill Arms

Head to Notting Hill to see the most festive pub in town! The Churchill Arms decks his exterior every year with 90 Christmas trees and over 11,500 lights. In summer it’s well known for its nice flowers outside. It was also the very first pub which started serving Thai-food. The pub doesn’t get his name directly from Winston Churchill itself, but his grandparents were often seen in this pub. They say this is probably the reason for the name. If it’s true or not, nobody knows, but we know that this pub is a must-visit at any time of the year.

Students in our Notting Hill residence must know this pub as is it’s almost next door to you. If not you definitely should pay a visit!

Christmas Pudding Race

This is a fun race for up to groups of 6 people. It’s for charity and also for fun! In the beginning, you will have a Zumba warm up. Afterwards, you’re ready for the Christmas Pudding Race. You have to run through a slalom, decorate a Christmas tree and compete in other challenges with a pudding on a plate. To take part you pay £100 for the race, while having great fun and contributing to charity. The teams have to wear fancy dress and the best one will win a prize. Too much for you? Then you can watch instead and give the runners your full support. It’s located at Covent Garden at the West Piazza and it starts at 11 am.

Christmas at Leicester

As we said at the beginning you see Christmas everywhere, and nowhere more so than Leicester Square. There is a little cosy Christmas village under the trees where you can enjoy seasonal food and drinks. There’s also a ‘Santa Grotto’, which as the name suggests you can visit Santa and take a picture with him. During Christmas, they also have other venues like ‘Brief – Encounters Closure’ a word famous boylesque group. They present you a show with a mix of circus, comedy and drag.

Christmas Choirs

Nothing creates more of a Christmas feeling than a choir in a church! As we all know London offers you almost everything, so it’s no surprise to find they also have some great church choirs. Probably one of the highlights is the one in St. Paul’s Cathedral. Every day there is something going on. So when you want to visit the church, plan it in combination with a concert. You can also go to the top of the church where you have an amazing view.


A lovely weekend to everyone!

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