Tutankhamun Exhibition in London until 3rd May 2020

Big news for fans of ancient Egypt and archaeology! The treasures from King Tutankhamun’s tomb are currently being exhibited in London’s Saatchi Gallery. This is the final time that they will travel out of Egypt, as they will be held permanently in Egypt once the world tour concludes.

The exhibition runs until 3rd May 2020, featuring more than 150 original artefacts from the tomb of Tutankhamun, with 60 of these artefacts having left Egypt for the first and final time. The treasures tour began in Los Angeles and will end in 2022 at the new Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

The ancient Egyptians believed that people die twice. Firstly when their soul leaves their body, and secondly, when the last person dies who speak their name. So the discovery of the tomb in 1922 by Englishman Howard Carter was believed to be a rebirth of Tutankhamun, who has a fascinating story to behold. Tutankhamun was physically disabled with a deformity of his left foot along with bone necrosis that required the use of a cane. His reign was short-lived, from the age of 9 until his death at the age of 19, and his tomb contained many supplies, weapons and amulets to carry him through the afterlife and on to paradise. Among the items discovered were body armor, folding stools appropriate for military campaigns, and bows, and he was trained in archery. However, given his youth and physical disabilities, which seemed to require the use of a cane in order to walk, most historians speculate that he did not personally take part in these battles.

Some photos are below but please be sure to check out the exhibition before it ends on 3rd May 2020!

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