Quirky things to do in London

As you probably all know by now London is far from your average city, it is full of quirky and unusual things to do. Sometimes these events are hard to find, so you find your self-wandering around the same museums, if this is the case get out your pens and start making notes, as I am about to tell you some of London’s quirkiest things to do.

 Number one on my list is Bouncingham Castle. There is going to be a seven metre high castle places outside City Hall to celebrate the launch of the Candy Crush Jelly Saga. This castle is made to wobble like real jelly and smell like a raspberry dessert. Big kids are invited to jump as high as possible to snatch prizes (how cool), and there are also sections of the castle made to produce noises when bounced on. How can you resist!

Thursday March 3 2016 – Saturday March 5 2016, FREE.


Number two has to be the Roller Disco. OK it may sound a bit old fashioned but trust me it’s a great night out…how does that song go “rolling with the homies”? If this so
unds right up your street, then head over to Bump’s wooden floored roller disco. Your skates are included in the ticket price but of course the disco pros are welcome to bring their own. On Friday and Saturday evenings there will be a line-up of special club nights (tickets can be booked in advance).

In London until the 13th March! £10


If you are looking for something more adventurous then the 2012 Olympic Games venue is open to the public for amazing water sports opportunities. There are things from
adrenalin-fuelled white-water rafting to canoeing and kayaking sessions. Riding the rapids that challenged the world’s best makes for an action-packed experience. On the rafting adventure you will be thrown from raft to raft spinning and nose diving on an Olympic Standard Competition course. There’s lots to do here, and now it is heading into spring it’s the perfect time to head out onto the water! If you prefer not to get too involved and love to just sit back and watch the action you should for the licensed café bar, which has a terrace overlooking the course.

Prices vary so check out their website: https://www.gowhitewater.co.uk/activities


Ok let’s not forget one for the scare junkies – Virtually Dead! This is not one for the faint hearted, I can tell you that much. This immersive experience takes brave participants to help save a small town from a zombie virus. You start the adventure by entering the secret East London location where you will be given a new Vive VR headset created by HTC which allows a 360 degree view of the zombie-filled virtual world (how cool)! The world contains a cast of 23 actors across a vast set. This scare experience lasts an hour and it does contain extremely graphic scenes!

19th March- 3rd April, booking in advance is a must, £30


So if you’re stuck in a boring loop of the same places why not try something different, and check out quirky places in London?

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