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In the New Year we all love to find some new people to follow on social media, when you’re in a new city following social media accounts is a great way to see the city though eyes of the people that are living there. You find great places to eat, things to see, and things to do from the local people!


Alan Brutenic;

Born in Czechoslovakia, worked several years in Graphic and Print Industry, then worked in Hospitality around Europe and eventually moving to London, Alan scours the capital with his camera taking these absolutely amazing pictures of the things he finds.

You can view his work and follow him on


Breakfast London;

Sunny-side-up or over-easy? That is just one of many life changing dilemmas facing even the most seasoned of breakfast enthusiasts. Either way, no one can deny that a good breakfast can be the best and potentially tastiest meal of the day, and London has just about everything you can imagine from Cereal cafes to dedicated all-day breakfast bars . Luckily, you do not need to suffer the agony of waking up at 4am every morning to find your favourite purveyor of bacon and black pudding, Breakfast London has scraped the sleep out of their eyes for you and combed the city to find the best early morning eateries hiding in the deepest recesses of the capital to take these mouth-watering pics for you to feast your eyes on.

Follow Breakfast London on their Instagram page on

Or check out their website on


Pretty City London;

Take a step away from the crowds of the city centre and the well-trodden streets, and take a little time to stop and smell the flowers. Beauty is everywhere in London, you just have to know where to look for it. Thankfully, if you don’t have the time to hunt for the more aesthetically pleasing hidden backstreets and secret gardens, Pretty City London has done it for you on their search to find beauty amidst the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s largest and busiest cities.

You can find more of London’s beauty on Pretty City London’s Instagram page


A lady in London;

In 2010, a finance worker From San Francisco decided to up-sticks and move to a new continent. Since this monumental decision, A Lady in London has become a successful blogger and photographer who travels the world and documents her adventures. Of course, the main topic of her blogs is her adopted home of London. Check out this little blog from her ‘A Lady in London’ website where she visits the best and fanciest toilets London has to offer at Very handy if you have been following Breakfast London.

You can follow her Instagram account on


Snowflakes fairy;

Self-proclaimed Grey Sky Photographer and lover of Machta, Jessica Lemaitre has a very unique view of London. The distinctive angles of her photographs accompanied with her very stylised grey tone with just a mere splash of colour captures an almost vintage view of the City, interspersed with loving tributes to all things coffee and biscuits.

If you are interested in her work, you can follow her Instagram on



A relative newcomer having only first picked up a camera in 2011, Neil Andrews has since proven himself to be a very popular photographer on Instagram. His break came after taking a few snap shots of London, and realising that one of the pictures had St Pauls’ Cathedral, Big Ben and the London Eye all in one shot. This serendipitous shot became a huge hit on Instagram, and inspired Neil to pursue a new calling. Often acting as much of a dare devil as a photographer, Neil’s unique style shows us London in claustrophobic pics from the middle of tube station tracks (please do not try this at home as you may end up being ejected from the premises, or worse… dead) and spiral staircases through to sprawling landscapes and aerial views.

Please check out his Instagram page here




One thing that England is known for is its un-flappable sense of humour, and its uncanny ability to never take anything particularly seriously.

Established in 2008, London is Funny are the ‘go-to-guys’ when it comes to comedy shows in the capital. What-ever your taste in jokes from observational comedy from the likes of Michael McIntyre or Peter Kay, whimsical surrealist humour of Harry Hill or Bill Bailey, puns, puns and more puns from Tim Vine and Stewart Francis or black-hearted scathery from Frankie Boyle and Jack Dee, or the mad ramblings of Ross Noble, ‘London is Funny’ will be able to point you in the right direction to tickle your funny bone and have your vital audial injection of vitamin C. Dr Homestays has prescribed this as a cure for stress induced by terminal working.

Check out their twitter page to find out when your favourite comedian is coming to a club near you. @londonisfunny



From summer explosion fests to black and white tear-jerkers, everybody loves a good movie. 2 hours of pure escapism from the troubles of daily life.

The British Film Institute was established in 1933 and is one of the leading authorities on British Movies. They help to promote and contribute funding to film production in the UK.

Without this kind of funding, there would be no British studios, which also means no Harry Potter, no Star Wars (All of the sets and studios were in London), no James Bond, no Carry on Films, no Superman, no Pink Panther, no Alien series, no Guardians of the Galaxy, no Avengers, no Gladiator, no Tim Burton’s Batman, no Fifth Element, and no Teletubbies. I don’t know about you, but for me, that is a world where I would not want to exist.

To find out more about the fascinating BFI, you can follow their twitter page to get all of the latest news and gossip about the British Film Industry, you can follow their Twitter account @BFI



Vegetarians and Vegans look away now… don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Burgerac is, as the title suggests, this is an account to by followed by squashed beef connoisseurs. Their quest is to try every burger in London and inform the public of the best places to chow down on their juicy, beefy, cheesy goodness. Every time they find a new place worthy, they like to tell as many peeps about it as they can so you can get your buns down there to sample the meaty delights. Go on, you know you can’t resist.

Follow their twitter @burgeracblog

If you don’t want to travel to all of their recommendations, or your stay is too short to try them all, you can also follow their own burger restaurant account @Burgershack_


Big Ben;

London is so busy that it is easy to lose track of the time. Big Ben is both a blessing and a curse to us Londoners. Because we are too busy to look at our watches and phones, the only time that we understand is the bongs from Big Ben. This is an example of a typical conversation between 2 strangers on Waterloo Bridge;

“Excuse me, could you tell me the time?”

“Of course, it’s 5 past BONG BONG BONG mate!”

Big Ben’s twitter likes to keep its followers ahead of the game by tweeting its bongs hourly to keep you updated as to the
London version of the time. Don’t worry, you will get the hang of it eventually.

Like Big Ben’s twitter page @big_ben_clock

Along the same lines, if you are a fan of Game of Thrones (and who isn’t?) you can have Hodor give you his own hourly update of the time via his Oscar Wilde worthy wit and extensive vocabulary. Check out his twitter account @hodorclock


Secret London;

Along the lines of Pretty City London, Secret London is a little community who explore all of London’s nooks and crannies to find the best and most exciting things London has to offer. From Restaurants and bars, to views and landmarks, Secret London can help you find perfect little treasures for you to visit away from the popular tourist destinations.

It might even inspire you to do some exploring of your own. Who knows what treasures you might uncover? London is so full of weird and wonderful things if you turn from the beaten track and explore a little.

You can keep up to date on their discoveries @secret_london



Keep up-to-date on the latest thigs trending in London. The most important questions you will need answering  and important topics vital to your transformation into a fully-fledged Londoner, as you embark on your new temporary life in the City are discussed in depth such as;

  • What’s the best seat on the tube?
  • The Cadbury’s Creme Egg Cafe menu is here. Eggs-ellent choices, or a bit cracked?
  • Need to let off steam? This is where you can be legally aggressive in London

They do also tackle news related articles, and have some genuinely useful information about things to see and ways to get around.

Take a peek at their twitter page @Londonist


Skint London;

This little account is definitely close to my heart. London is pretty darn expensive at the best of times, so these guys have taken it upon themselves to sniff out the best bargains around to help all who are more fiscally challenged. From reasonable restaurants and inexpensive exhibitions, to modest museums and cheap comedy shows,  the only criteria for their featured articles is that it costs £10 or less, so even those of you with the tightest of purse strings will be able to splash out a little and have some fun.

Take a look at some of their budget offerings @SkintLondon


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