What to do in London in the early evening?

With an hour of lag with France, night falls earlier in London than in Paris. During the month of February, it is not uncommon to be plunged into dark before 5pm. But it is not because night falls that London stops living, quite the contrary! Here is a list of things to do between 5pm to 9pm in the center of London.

Developing your culture:
London is full of museums and bookstores, open late at night. On Thursdays and Fridays, some museums such as the Wellcome Collection or the National Gallery are open until 9pm. The V & A is even until 10 pm on Friday evening. The world-renowned British Museum also makes overtime on Friday night, as visitors are allowed to return until 8:30 pm to tour this huge and modern museum.
For bookstores, schedules are almost the same, but are only valid on weekends. The Westminster’s Library closes at 8 pm on Friday and Saturday nights. On the other hand, the Great British Library is accessible from Monday to Thursday until 8 pm

Sports and leisures :
In the evening, after a long day of work, relaxation is recommended. But a sports activity also allows to leave the work aside. Pools in London are often crowded, but the evening is quieter.
The Camden Oasis is open to the public until 10 pm and will allow swimmers to relax or swim in their outdoor swimming lanes.
In the Soho district (right in the center of London), the Marshall Street pool is also open until 10pm.
Playing football in the stadiums of neighborhoods (city stadium) or reserving a bowling alley can also be envisageable.

The Bars … Obviously!
How not to think of pubs, cocktail bars or cafes? Central London offers you tons of opportunity!
Alcohols, sodas, cocktails or hot chocolate, all tastes are gathered in the Soho neighborhood, even in Chinatown.
Open at all hours of the day and night, you will find according to your criteria the perfect bar to spend a good start of the evening … and why not a good part of the night!

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