Hot, Hot, Hot!

So with weather to set an all time high today, we are all certainly feeling the heat but with the fans on the go and a cool drink by our side we are just managing to get through the heatwave! However, a little help from one of theses places wouldn’t go a miss. Who can resist a cheeky ice cream?!


Chin Chin Laboratories
These guys use liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream, which makes their Camden Market shop look more like a lab than a ice cream shop. They claim to be Europe’s first-ever Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream Parlour to create gourmet ice cream with a super-smooth texture. Pondicherry vanilla and Valrhona chocolate are always available, plus two changing special flavour and you can then choose a topping (held in science beakers) or sauce. Sounds a quirky way to have ice cream served up to you, if want to pop down to the foodie lab it resides at 49-50 Camden Lock Place, under the bridge.

Dense and deliciously flavoursome, Gelupo’s ice creams are personally created and tested by its chef Jacob Kennedy. There are amazing and unusual flavours like Ricotta; Kiwi, Gin & Elderflower; and Rhubarb Custard & Tiramisu. When Londonist asked around for ice cream recommendations, Gelupo kept being mentioned, so there are some true fans of this ice cream shop! Want to take a trip? It is located in a central location 7 Archer Street, Piccadilly Circus.

Paul A Young

If you want chocolate ice cream, where better than a chocolatier? Something looking amazing on the menu which would be a delight in our office today is the chocolate sorbet, which is meant to taste like they’ve taken 70% dark chocolate, churned and frozen it…could not think of anything better! Where can you grab yourself such a delight? 20 The Royal Exchange, Bank; 33 Camden Passage, Islington is the place to go!

Gelatria 3Bis
Of course Borough Market would have a proper Italian gelateria (ice cream shop). You can choose from two flavours in the two smaller sizes, or three flavours if you pay a bit more, plus you get a wafer and the option of liquid chocolate drizzled into the base of your cup. Liquid chocolate in a cup what more could I ask for? 4 Park Street, SE1 is the place to grab your ice cream!

Black Vanilla
In the historic heart of Greenwich, Black Vanilla is shaking things up with a seasonal menu of gelato and sorbet that changes daily – and is made fresh that day. Signature flavours include Wild Strawberries & Clotted Cream and Stem Ginger & Acacia Honey. Sounds a great place that daily visits can happily be made because you have to find out what flavours have been produced that day, definitely do not want to miss a potential life changer! 5 College Approach, Royal Borough of Greenwich, SE10 9HY

With the weather at its best for an excuse to have an ice cream, what is stopping you?!

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