Healthcare in London

Travelling to another country can be scary, especially when you do not know how anything works or what to do in an emergency! We have some quick information on healthcare in London, just to make sure you know the basics.
Healthcare in the UK is excellent, however when before travelling we strongly recommend you visit your local health
care professional, to ensue you are healthy enough to travel and receive any immunisations required. Rules on prescriptions and which medicines you can buy ‘over the counter’ varies from country to country. We therefore recommend ensuring you have sufficient medicine or prescriptions to cover your whole stay in the UK or you are able to have them delivered during your stay.

Once you’ve begun living or working in London from Europe, you’ll be able to use your EHIC and the NHS. If you are travelling from outside of Europe please ensure you have travel/health insurance that will cover your trip to London.
Private health care is also available throughout London and the UK,. Please research which option is best for you and ensure you have the correct insurance to cover every eventuality.

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