Funny facts about British Monarchy

Everyone has some weird habits and rules, and the Royal Family is no exception!

– Queen Elizabeth II has actually two birthdays, the real one on 21 April and the official one on a sunny Saturday in June.

– Any member of the Royal family needs a marriage license from the Queen, otherwise there will be no wedding.

– All members of the Royal family has to travel with black clothing. That way they will have the right outfit if someone dies during their trip.

– The Royal Family is apparently not allowed to play Monopoly since the game tends to become “too vicious”

– Queen Elizabeth II is the only person in the UK allowed to drive without a license.

– Members of the Royal family have to accept all the gifts whatever they are, then the Queen decides what to do with them.

– Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t need a passport to travel. She can just show a coin or a banknote (with her image on it) if she needs it.

– The Queen is not allowed to enter the House of Commons. The last king who did it started the English civil war (1642 – 1651) before being overthrown.

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