Football in London

The most popular sport in the world has also a big tradition in London. Not only one but several teams are leading clubs in English football and also known in the whole world. At the moment, London represents five clubs in the Premier League, England’s highest football league. These clubs are Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspurs, West Ham United and Crystal Palace.

London’s oldest professional club is Fulham F.C., it has been founded in 1879. A few years later, in 1886, the in those days named Royal Arsenal F.C. has been founded and is now the famous club Arsenal Football Club. Alongside Arsenal, the clubs Chelsea and Tottenham are the most successful teams in London and around 100 titles have been won between these three teams.

Even though you are not a big fan of football, it really worth it to go watch a game in London because it is an amazing experience! The atmosphere is incredible because mostly the stadiums are crowded. People from all over the world travel to London to watch a football game.

The games are mostly on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. If you want to purchase tickets, the easiest way is to look for them o internet. Through the website of the clubs it is difficult to get tickets because you have to be member by purchasing the membership.

You surely would not be disappointed by a visit in the new stadium of the Tottenham Hotspurs. The stadium who has been opened in 2019 has the capacity of 62’062 spectators and replaced the old stadium White Hart Lane. But also the Emirates Stadium where the games of Arsenal takes place or the Stamford Bridge for the games of Chelsea will offer you a nice experience.

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