Charlotte Brontë Bicentenary

It’s Kate, taking over from Charlotte, for this week’s blog. Now, I love a good book. Give me Proust, give me Chaucer, give me 50 Shades of Grey. I’m kidding…don’t.

I’m lucky enough to be from a country that’s given birth to so many outstanding authors, most notably J.K Rowling (who doesn’t love Harry Potter?!) I’m fairly sure that we can all agree that it’s the literary greats such as Dickens, Carroll and Orwell that we’re really renowned for. One of my favourites, Charlotte Brontë will be celebrating her bicentenary this year, and Foyles book shop have an event in honour of her life; “Reader, I married him.”

Some of the current greats, Tracy Chevalier (author of ‘The Girl With the Pearl Earring’), Lionel Shriver (author of ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’), Johanna Briscoe (author of ‘Sleep With Me, Skin’), and Kirsty Gunn (author of ‘The Big Music, Infidelities’) will be be discussing the enduring impact of her life and works. They’ll be reading from their contributions to ReaderI Married Him, a new short story collection in which international writers draw inspiration from the immortal line from Jane Eyre and conjure Bronte’s spirit through their own work.

If you want the opportunity to schmooze with some literary greats, head to this event at Foyles’ Charing Cross Branch. You get a free glass of wine with your ticket…what’s not to love!
Venue: The Auditorium at Foyles, Level 6, 107 Charing Cross Road
Tickets: £5 per ticket, including a complimentary glass of wine.

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