What to do on Bank Holiday Weekend

It seems like the weather will be very nice on this Bank Holiday Weekend. Nearly 30 degrees are reported here in London. This are good news, because there are a lot of interesting activities to do.

An option for one day is a boat trip to Greenwich. It is possible to hop on the boat with your oyster card at the London Eye station. But so that you do not get hungry on the boat, you should first visit and try something from the Southbank Food Market which is really close to the London Eye.

The beautiful journey on the boat to Greenwich Pier station will take approximately 40 minutes. Once arrived in Greenwich, you have loads of different stuff to do. Because the weather will be nice, I would not recommend you the museums. Although there are some really interesting one there. Instead of a museum, you can take a ten minutes walk to the Royal Observatory in the Greenwich Park. From this point, you have a splendid view on the center of London.

View from the Royal Observatory

Adjoining to the Thames you will see an old ship exposed which is worth a visit. That is the “Cutty Sark”.  This ship was built in 1869 to transport tea and got famous for its record-breaking passages. Have a quick look in this ship if you are interested in his stories.

After you may have visited Greenwich and you have enough time left, you can continue with a short journey to Greenwich North. There is the O2 Arena, a huge complex filled with restaurants and bars. But also lots of activities or concerts can be enjoyed in the O2 Arena. This Saturday as example, the American singer Gwen Stefani will perform at 7pm.

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