“What is Homestay Student Accommodation?” asks Study London

Last week we spoke to Study London, who were looking to find out more about Homestay Student Accommodation in London from the experts!

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There are various student accommodation options in London. Most people have heard of halls of residences and house shares in private accommodation.

Yet not everybody knows about the possibility of a homestay, which gives you the option of living with a family in London.

We spoke to London Homestays about the homestay experience.

Why should I choose a homestay in London?

Staying with a family in a homestay is a great way to improve your English, as well as having all of the comforts of home.

Advantages of staying in a London homestay include:

  • Interact daily with a local family
  • Become a member of the ‘host family’ and build life-long relationship
  • Experience  local customs
  • Practice English with your hosts in their day-to-day lives.
  • Have meals provided by your host family

Homestays are popular with all types of students and are particularly useful if you want to improve your English.

Can I choose which host family I will live with?

Depending on your homestay booking, host families can vary in terms of age and their family situation. A good homestay agency will give you a selection of host families to consider. You can then read the family profiles to find out more about your potential host family before ranking the families that best meet your requirements. The agency will then do their best to match you to your preferred host family.

What about the challenges of living with a host family?

As with all decisions, you need to consider both the benefits and challenges of a homestay.

Living with a family might be challenging for you if you’ve lived on your own and you enjoy your own independence.

It is also important to remember that you will be living in someone else’s house and your host may have rules that you should follow. Also, there can be cultural differences that should be respected by both sides.

What advice would you give to a student considering a homestay?

  • Be open-minded. There may be cultural differences between you and your host family. Even if you share cultural heritage with your host family, do not expect them to be just like you.
  • Share and contribute. Your host family will be just as interested in your culture as you will be in theirs.

Where can I find out more about homestays in London?

Visit www.londonhomestays.com  or email your questions to info@londonhomestays.com

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