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The Ghost Bus Tours – London, The Necropolis Bus Company
This tour company has such an interesting history behind it, helping to fill the bus’ atmosphere with that little bit more spookiness. If you want a bus tour with a twist then you have found your
The Necropolis ( is a cemetery, especially a large one belonging to an ancient city) Bus Company began in the 19th century as a private funeral bus service. The Necropolis transporters, or ‘Carcass Coaches’ as they were known to Londoners, were able to transport the deceased, helpers and up to 50 mourners (no standing) to the final resting place. Each Carcass Coach has an on-board conductor and a special siren or ‘mourning whistle’ to warn pedestrians of the bus’ approach. The sound of the whistle prompted gentlemen to remove their hats and bow their heads as a mark of passing respect.
“The bus is painted in the company’s traditional colour of black. The interior seating is arranged in ‘railway style’ for comfort and so that passengers can grieve openly and offer condolences to each other. Decorative features include lamps and window curtains, which were always drawn if a coffin was stored in the vehicle overnight. This is based on the superstition that a departed spirit might be trapped by its own reflection in the glass and would be unable to pass on to the other world. It also helped to keep the bodies cool in the summer months.”
Definitely a trip you will not forget!
Although there may be last minute tickets available they advise that you book in advance.
Tours run daily at 19:30 and 21:00 Departing from outside the Grand Hotel, opposite Sherlock Holmes pub on Northumberland Avenue off Trafalgar Square.
Adults £21
Child, Concession and Students £15


Unseen tours,
Something that has been on my list of things I want to do in London for ages now is take a tour from Unseen Tours it is an award winning enterprise which offers an amazing and individual insight into London, by offering walking tours led by homeless, formerly homeless, and vulnerably housed tour guides.
“First and foremost our tours are fun. Our guides will engage, amaze, entertain, and give you a view of the world’s most amazing city like you’ve never seen it before.”
It shall give you a look into London from a totally different perspective, a perspective that even someone who lives in London would not even consider.
For dates and times visit their website there are tours that cover all different areas of London.
Adults are £10 for a tour.
Concessions are £7 for a tour.


London RIB Voyages.

If you want to take a tour with a difference this may be the one for you and the adrenaline junkies, with this speed boat adventures through London! You can board these high speed boats from two locations that are both located by iconic London landmarks, The London Eye and Tower Bridge.
You can take a number of trips allowing you to visit many different sights of London, as well as experiencing London from a different viewing platform. These boats are called the ‘Thames Rockets’ which gives you a little bit of an insight on the speed of these little boats, you can speed through Canary Wharf at 30 knots listening to a compilation of feel good tunes.
“We have the funniest guides, the most skillful skippers, the newest speedboats London has to offer and unrivalled knowledge in how to make this experience come to life…. Even Londoners will learn something new!”

The tours depart hourly from the London Eye, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Suitable for young and old alike and great fun whatever the weather, with wet weather kit provided for all ages and sizes.

BrakeAway Bike Tours
This is a great way to see the city, not only are you helping the environment but you are also
available to absorb the sounds, smells and sights of London. You are in small groups, where you can visit hidden locations that are not presented within a guide book, and quirky spots around the capital. What I found really interesting about these tours is the fact that they tell you tales about the locations your visit, giving the places you see that bit of personality and life. What is even better is that you don’t need to be fit to take the tour as they are easy and there are no uphill cycles.
“Our tours include lots more quirky ‘inside’ information that will constantly entertain, surprise and enlighten, providing you with a day out to truly remember.”

Some great ways to see London with a guide that is a little different than your usual bus tour!

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