My London experience

Hi everyone, I am Sara 🙂

Born in Nantes, France. Currently studying business and economics in the Atlantic Business School and now as a London Homestays marketing intern for 2 months !

For my first experience as a business student, I definitly need to go abroad and leave my parents..

Why London ? Because it is an amazing and incredible city ! Always in movement, mixture of art, modernity, hospitality and of course cup of tea !

Moreover, a good opportunity to improve my english and discover part of my future job : become a Marketing Director.

London Homestays offers to me a big opportunity to improve my knowledge and the chance to evolve in an interest activity with a friendly, efficient and welcoming team. I discover social marketing, I also discover phoning (with French people only for the moment, but English call is coming soon ! )

That is why I also require London Homestays for my accommodation. I was sure before coming to have a lovely host, trust and availability in London Homestays if I had any problem.

See you soon for new adventures !

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