London Football

Hi everybody! I am Coriolan, an 18-year-old intern at London Homestays. I will talk today about the sport that is vibrating the whole city: football.

Between conviviality, spectacle and intense rivalry, London is the European city that hosts the biggest clubs. With a total of 5 clubs in the Premier League, 4 in the Championship (equivalent to League 2), it is impossible for football enthusiasts to come to London without attending a football match.

Which clubs go to London?

Besides the small clubs in all the London neighbourhoods, the big clubs are Arsenal, Chelsea or Tottenham. If you are a true supporter of one of these teams, it’s worth taking a seat. But save your money! Tickets at Emirates Stadium (Arsenal FC), Stanford Bridge (Chelsea FC) and White Hart Lane (Tottenham Hotspurs) are very expensive because of the large number of subscribers in the stadiums. Allow 120 to 150 euros for the first prize places.


If football is your passion, you can fall back on the Championship clubs or the lesser known clubs of Premier League. Fulham Club and its Craven Cottage stadium is the perfect example of the English stadium: close-ups, family atmosphere and show on the pitch!

Since 2016, West Ham is playing at the Olympic stadium in London (built for the 2012 Olympics). The price of seats is around £100 but the stadium is certainly one of the most beautiful in Europe. The Crystal Palace Club may also be a more reasonable option (about £30).


Supporters and the black market

Has hooliganism really disappeared? Can our children be safe at the stadium? The answer is yes. At the moment, stadiums are filled, but not only by enthusiasts. There are companies that buy good numbers of places, made available to employees. Large owners also have lodges that they rent to the highest bidder.

The only real fear concerns the black market. Many dealers are located around the stadiums, but not always with certified tickets. To buy tickets, visit the official websites of the clubs or directly in the shops of the stadiums.You can find them via websites on the Internet, but check that these are safe and not risky.