So, we have stolen this tradition from the states, but why should they have the fun of Halloween if we don’t, right?! I have found some of the best looking Halloween events out there – there are some for the faint hearted and others for the pure thrill seekers. Whatever you want from Halloween you can have it!
Number one on my Halloween list is, of course, the London Dungeons, who dub themselves “the home of Halloween”. They scare people all year round but Halloween is when the scaring reaches an all time high, and new for 2015 they have a séance which is set in 1873. Hosted by the most celebrated medium of the day in the most known haunted house of the time. The scene is based on real events and guests will find themselves sent back to 50 Berkley Square as Florence Cook prepares for her latest sitting. As a lover of all things supernatural this is definitely up my street.
The second on my list of Halloween fun is Boo at the zoo, a little less scary and one for the scaredy cat in us. There are special themed events, animal demonstrations and hands on activities. If you head over to the zoo you can enjoy special Halloween versions of the animal talks, feeds and demonstrations. It runs from Saturday 24 October to Sunday 1 November, and you can be treated to a (cute) scare at the zoo. What animals pop into mind when you think of spooky Halloween … spiders of course! Well you can be amazed by the ‘In With The Spiders’ exhibit. You can learn how they use their venom to snare their pray, unravelling their web-spinning talents, whilst you come face to face with golden orb spiders in Europe’s only walk through spider forest. Unleash the child in you, and you can create spider themed objects and listen to spider talks in The Widow’s Lair. Not only can you get up close and personal with spiders but also other fantastic beasts that appear to possess supernatural and spooky habits. As a great lover of all animals, a trip to the zoo is always welcome and Halloween gives you a reason to pop on over to ZSL!
My list has slowed down a little here, and I feel I am heading into another slower and more enjoyable activity to do over Halloween. This is a horse drawn carriage ride through Richmond Park in the dark, and is both exhilarating and just a little scary. You board the carriage at Roehampton Gate, where you hear stories about the history of the park from highwaymen to ghosts. Hear the tale of the gruesome Victorian murder just outside of the park walls which was only solved in 2010! You also get the chance to marvel at the Park’s majestic stags that sleep by
day and fight their rivals at night at this time of the year. This is something totally different, and something to take a trip to do.
So I am ramping up the list again and heading for something that sounds truly terrifying (I am not the best with jumpy things like this). The London Bridge experience- Phobophobia.  It is an adult only Halloween spectacular taking place over the course of a week. The sets of the normal attraction are changed into different and new themes based on facing your utmost fears. “This Halloween.. when the lights go out nobody is going to be able to save you. The Freaks are a close knit family with close knit mentality, brothers are mothers are sisters are evil and they want you. Dare you enter? Will you make it out alive?” Now tell me that doesn’t fill you with absolute dread! In 2014 some of their highlights were locked into cages, marrying a Hick bride, being held up at gun point and robbed (there was no real harm inflicted here, it is all for fun). You can expect to be harassed, held hostage and “dipped into the very evil that has engrossed this family of freaks for decades. They won’t want to let you go once you enter their home.” WOW. OK…may need some backup if I go here!
I don’t think that it can get more scary than The London bridge experience, and let’s face it who would want to? So, we are moving onto an eerie and historic option next with Kensington Palace after dark. With 300 years of death, disease, love and loss there are many secrets filling the walls of the palace, and you can tread in the footsteps of kings and queens. You hear the tales of mysterious sights and unexplained happenings whilst being guided though the dimly lit state rooms. You will hear accounts of medical disasters, painful illnesses, and undignified deaths. You shall also need to prepare yourself for the immersion into Queen Victoria’s mourning for Prince Albert and explore the weird and wonderful world of Victorian spiritualism. Tours begin at 18:45 at selected dates in October, December and January.

So where are you heading this Halloween?  ????????????

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