Guardianship FAQs

How do I organise a guardian for my child?

We understand that choosing the right guardianship agency for you can be stressful, and so we want to make the process as simple as possible. Please fill in our guardianship application form and an office based guardianship manager will be in touch to let you know how to proceed.

Do I have to organise a guardian for my child whilst they are at boarding school?

It is not a law, however, it is highly recommended that all international students have a UK based guardian. For many schools it is compulsory for overseas students to have a UK guardian before admission to the school can be confirmed.

What are the rates?

Our rates vary dependent on which package you choose. Click here for a full list of guardianship packages.

Do you offer different levels of care?

We offer different packages to cater to each family’s needs for their child. For more information on the packages we provide, click here.

Can I request an “English” guardian?

London and the UK are multicultural societies and our guardians reflect the makeup of the population. The UK has strict laws on discrimination and equal opportunities, and as a company we have zero tolerance on matters of racial discrimination either from our accommodation suppliers or our customers.

Can you provide airport transfers?

We can assist with airport transfers upon arrival and departure, which can take your child to their school, the airport and their guardian’s accommodation. Please contact us directly for a quotation.

Can you provide UK mobile phone account?

We know that having a means of contact with your child is important, and so we can assist with providing UK mobiles. We recommend a pay as you go option, which your child can top up using their expense fund.

Are your guardians police-checked?

All of HFH guardians are DBS checked, and are personally known by the HFH Guardians staff, giving you the knowledge that your child is in safe hands.

Is HFH Guardians an accredited organisation?

HFH Guardians is the sister company of London Homestays, which is an accredited organisation. As such, all of our homestays and hosts have been assessed and meet the British Council’s high standards.

Can I visit the accommodation/meet the guardian before booking?

We would welcome you to our office to meet your guardianship manager, and where possible, the guardian. If the accommodation/homestay booked is not with the nominated guardian and the booking is for a short stay, it may not be possible to visit the accommodation/homestay.

Can I choose a guardian in a specific area?

A guardian will be assigned to your child, located approximately 2 hours journey time to their school. If the guardian lives further than 2 hours away, the guardianship manager will contact you prior to booking to inform you of their location. We would not recommend booking a guardian who is not located close to your child’s school.

Will there be other people staying in the accommodation with my child?

A homestay host can accommodate up to 4 students at any one time. Whenever possible, we recommend your child staying with their nominated guardian. In cases where an alternative host is used, or if you request a different area away from the school e.g. a homestay in London, suitable host profiles will be sent to you clearly outlining how many rooms are available for international students. Students under 16 years old will never be accommodated with students aged 18 years old or older.

Will my child have to share a room?

No, unless requested, single rooms will always be used.

What is the minimum age?

We can provide guardianship services for children aged 10 years old and above. However, for students aged under 16 years old, we may insist on either a Gold or Platinum package being booked subject to additional local assistance e.g. a family member living in the UK.

Will the guardian look after my child on weekends?

No, not usually. The guardian and guardianship managers are on hand for emergencies, providing services to assist your child’s stay at boarding school e.g. arranging transfers from the airport to the school but are not weekend hosts. Homestay accommodation can be arranged during school holidays and breaks.

Will the guardian look after my child during holidays?

The guardianship manager will assist you in arranging homestay accommodation for your child during the school holidays. In most cases this will be with your child’s guardian, however, in cases where the guardian is not available or another area is requested e.g. London, an alternative host family will be offered.

What if my child is ill?

Guardians are not medically trained, and other than emergency first aid they will not be able to assist with or administer any medical treatments. They will however help to register your child with a local doctor and take them there or to the hospital in cases where your child requires medical attention.

Who will be my main point of contact?

You will be assigned an office based guardianship manager. The office based guardianship manager oversees and coordinates the overall stay of your child while they are under the care of their guardian. They would be your main point of contact for all general issues relating to the care of your child. The office based manager is available Monday to Friday 10:00 until 18:00. For all other issues relating to your child’s everyday welfare and wellbeing, either the guardian or the school’s welfare office would be your main contact point.

Will the guardian monitor my child’s academic progress?

Yes, subject to the package you select. The local guardian can, for example, attend parent’s evening, speak with teachers and tutors about your child’s progression and report their findings back to you with relevant advice based on their, and our guardianship manager’s, experience. A full list of packages available along with definitions can be found here.

How are the day-to-day finances managed?

An initial deposit of £1,500 is made at the beginning of the term. This deposit is used as an expense account with funds taken to cover costs such as airport transfers, homestay accommodation and any other requested services such as mobile phone purchases or translations of school reports. Once the account fund falls below £250 a further deposit of £1,000 is payable. All purchases and expenses will be recorded and easily accessible to parents. Any monies not used at the end of the programme will be refunded in full to the parents.

How often will the guardian go to my child’s school?

For Gold and Platinum packages, the guardian will visit the school on 3 occasions per term (standard packages do not include school visits and are more suited to students 18 years+). The first visit will be upon arrival to ensure your child has arrived safely at their school, to introduce themselves to your child’s teachers and tutors and to ensure your child is settled in and happy in their new environment. This is also a good opportunity for your child to get to know their guardian and to ensure they know who to contact in case of an emergency. The guardian will also visit during the school’s parents evening and again on the last day of term. Additional visits for music recitals, sports days etc. can be arranged at an extra cost.

Can my child stay with someone other than their guardian on weekends/half terms etc?

Yes of course, the choice is completely yours, we are only here to assist and advise you. If you would like your child to stay somewhere else during the holidays e.g. with a family member, please just let us know where your child will be staying and when you would like them to be returned to our care.

What happens in an emergency?

It is in emergency situations that you can really appreciate having our experienced network of guardians, host families and guardianship managers. Our emergency contact numbers are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This means you can rest assured that your child is in safe hands.

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