Out and about in London – things to do!

The weather presenter keeps promising a bright and sunny day but I am not convinced. We are now on day three of drizzle! Even though outside is miserable, why don’t you take a peek and see what where is to do around this beautiful city.

Number one;

This week is London Cocktail week, what a perfect excuse to go out and enjoy some cocktails in style. Cocktails can be weird at the best of times but during cocktail week this hits an all time high, so time to put down your usual Old Fashioned, and try something a little more out there! They have to be good right?
– How about a Campside Colada, it’s like a mini camping trip with every sip taking you back to the good old summer. It’s a combination of Bacardi, BBQ pineapple, toasted coconut, lime and house marshmallow soda, garnished with a little stick of toasted marshmallows. Sounds interesting…. Find out how good the campfire is at The Lockhart.
– Garlic Avenue, maybe not the best if you are out on a date (could be a little awkward) but it is served at Cahoots. Cahoots is a Blitz themed bar and is just one of many Landgirl-themed vegetable cocktails, Garlic Avenue is a surprisingly delicious mix of vodka, pickled garlic and rosemary. So you can justify another cocktail as you are celebrating the work of the Land girls. I love this theme and bar you get to soak up some beautiful ambiance as well as experiencing a totally different night out.
– I felt that this deserved a place on my list however I don’t think I would be brave enough to order it myself, Chocolate and Blue Cheese Martini! Yes, I did warn you it was a strange one! The location of Duck & Waffle explains this all, but they love to be innovate and stand out, and this certainly hits the mark. This strange concoction combines dry cacao and blue cheese distillate with olive oil and Bombay Sapphire gin. Not too sure this one would be on my bill at the end of the night.

Number two;

This week is also a special one for literature fans as it is London’s Literature festival running from Monday 28 September 2015 – Monday 12 October 2015. This year is called; ‘Tell Me Something I Don’t Know’ – such a great title to get everyone interested and talking about this amazing event! If you have never been before, then why don’t you adventure into the unexpected and give this a whirl. I loved what the organisers have placed on their website, and the next extract captures what stories are to me and really display the theme well
“Stories are vessels which take us into the uncharted waters of other lives and minds and worlds, changing us along the way. We come to literature so it can tell us something we don’t already know.”

This year’s event embraces adventure and encourages you to explore another world through words,. There is something for everyone during this advent from mass readings, debates and yet again the old faithful cocktail hours. Even if you’re not big into reading, it is something to check out, and could open a world that you don’t even know exists! 100% an event to ask about!

Number three;

See The Light is an event celebrating Diwali , the Hindu festival of lights. The light represents the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. “The word Diwali or Deepavali literally means “a row of lamps”.” The festival is timed to run along side the new moon, which makes it the darkest night of the month in October or November so the actual date can vary from year to year.
It is to be held on the 11th October in Trafalgar square, where a fun packed programme will take place, it will include live religious music, contemporary Asian music, food stalls where you can sample the best of Southeast Asian vegetarian cuisine and child-friendly activities.
What better way to soak up culture than during a celebration period! With everything being free it is something not to miss!

Number four;

Looking to find something a little more arts and crafts this weekend, then Handmade at Kew is the answer. Shop for unique gifts, jewellery, pieces of fashion wear, glassware, interior bits and pieces and much more at Kew gardens new craft event. There will be over 150 amazing designers working in many craft disciplines, including paper, glass and even ceramics. The event runs over four days from Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 October with the picturesque gardens at Kew as a backdrop. It is such a great place to display exceptional and innovative craftsmanship, for both fashion and interiors. This is something a little different to empty the piggy bank for. You do have to pay for entry into the grounds to visit this, however, you can go into the gardens to explore their beauty. Even if you have been to the gardens before they are forever changing, with every season bringing a new element to the surroundings.

So if the weather is getting you down, why not check out something to do, you never know what you may find when out and about in London!

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