London’s top five tourist attractions

25 million people visit London Each year and they do so for a reason. London is packed with things to do and places to visit. We at Home From Home have decided to rank our top 5 must visit places.

Tower of London/Tower Bridge

Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress, more commonly known as the Tower of London (and historically as The Tower). This is next to possibly the most famous bridge in the world Tower Bridge (often mistakenly called London Bridge).  The infamous Tower of London where many tortures and executions took place is one of the most popular tourist attractions now in London. You may not be so interested in history and the famous people executed there such as Anne and Jane Boleyn but you definitely should see the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.. The nearest London Underground station is Tower Hill on the Circle and District Lines

For more information please visit the official Tower of London web-site.


Greenwich is not only at the centre of the world time map, it also quite simply has the best view of London, not to mention beautiful parks and museums. What makes this and even better place to visit is the price…..FREE!

While in Greenwich you will also be able to stand on the Greenwich Meridian, visit the Maritime museum, and the Royal observatory where you can touch the 4.5 billion year old stone and a lot more!

There are many ways to get to Greenwich: bus, metro and boat. The best is to get a ticket near Big Ben and get a nice view of the London riverside and docks. For more information please visit the Greenwich official web-site.

London Eye and Big Ben

Now it is impossible to imagine London without Big Ben, its great bell and the Houses of Parliament. Big Ben is fascinating; charming in the day and bewitching in the night lights. Unfortunately there is no possibility of getting inside Big Ben unless you hold a UK passport, but even so you will definitely enjoy the masterpiece of architecture and certainly want to come back there and see it again!

You can get a great view of Big Ben and London’s surroundings on the London Eye, the biggest observation wheel in Europe! It was opened for the Millennium and has became a symbol of London like the Eiffel Tower for Paris. It allows everybody to see the city from above and get a wonderful view. The glass capsule is equipped with seats, cameras and even wi-fi internet and a rotation of the wheel takes approximately 30 minutes. The best time to get on the London eye is right after sunset but you should be aware that it is the most visited place in London so the queue may take an hour, we recommend booking your ticket and time early to avoid waiting in line for too long.

For more information please visit the official London Eye web-site.

Oxford Street

If you want to shop in London your way is towards Oxford Street, the busiest shopping street in Europe! It runs approximately two and a half kilometres from Marble Arch through Oxford Circus to Tottenham Court road. Oxford Street is famous for Selfridges but there are plenty of other famous shops such as Dorothy Perkins, Next, Marks and Spencer, Gap, Mexx, Debenhams, House of Fraser, John Lewis and Zara. You will not only enjoy a bright variety of fashion clothes, shoes and accessories but also the atmosphere of this street. There are many stations on Oxford Street, the main one being Oxford Circus.

For more information please visit the web-site.

Windsor castle

One of the official residences of the British Monarch, the biggest inhabited castle in the world, Windsor castle is open for tourists. You can see the rooms of the British Royal family as well as the Queen Mary’s doll house collection, listen to the story of the queens and kings for whom this castle was home, their official palace or sometimes their prison.

The striking Upper Ward section of the castle is still not open for tourists as it is still used by the Royal family.

For more information please visit the Windsor web-site.

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