London Beauty Pit Stops

Whether you are a beauty queen or the court jester, London has plenty to offer if you’re looking to get your hands on the best cosmetics and skincare. From high end to high street, there is something for everyone, so prepare try a lot of perfume, lipsticks and everything else you can think of!

Blow Ltd:

If you’re in a hurry but you want a quick beauty fix then this is the place for you. B
low offers an unrivalled thirty minute blow-dry service with a range of different blow-drys. Not only do they offer speedy hair fixes but they sell the majority of the hair, make-up and skin car
e products they use in the salon. You can find everything from GHD straighteners to organic cosmetics. What makes this salon a real gem is the fact that they are one of the few places in the UK that you can physically browse through American lines like Anastasia Beverly Hills (if you didn’t know this beauty brand is Kim Kardashian’s appointed eyebrow groomer, fancy right!). If you need a quick pit stop in the centre of town then this is the place to go!

Harrods Salon de Parfums


In addition to Harrods’ already impressive beauty room they also have
a 5,000 sq foot perfume paradise on the sixth floor. It is an amazing showcase of some of the world’s most sought after fragrances. Eleven perfume houses have their own mini dedicated boutique to make an intimate shopping experience ranging from Chanel to Tom Ford. As the Salon de Parfums is so large you actually manage to escape without a perfume counter headache. So now not only can you find a wonderland of cosmetics and perfumes in the main beauty halls but you can now also have a bespoke and immersive experience in the Salon De Parfums.


Possibly my favourite department store in London, Liberty’s Beauty Hall is one of the most beautiful places to shop for your make-up wants (however let’s be honest they are our beauty needs!).  Not only do they stock your notorious big brands such as Nars and Laura Mercier, but hidden around the floor you will find unusual named products such as MoMo Hair potion, Hoofmaker Mane ‘n Tail hand crème, and Pixi Glow Tonic. If you have shopped until you have almost dropped then take a trip upstairs to The Treatment Rooms there are all different types of treatments up for grabs just to replenish you for your next round of shopping! The history of Liberty gives these beauty halls such a magical atmosphere, you get the feeling that you are being taken in by the past of this beautiful shop, definitely one not to miss.


So this is
not the conventional place for your everyday beauty needs but it is a godsend for pros and amateurs alike – it is a huge store that has many different brands. Ok so this beauty store does not have the history of the Liberty beauty hall, or the truly intimate feel of Harrods but where else can you pick up hundreds of the ever missing hair clips, and anything you could wish for, for cheap! It more than makes up for it right? Sally’s is perfect for hunting down the products you see everywhere and on the internet but still have not made their way into Boots. If you want it you could probably find it here!

The Cowshed: 

Ok so technically isn’t a shop, but a spa. I couldn’t miss this one from the list of cosmetic London wonders, as it is one of my favourite beauty places in London.  This unusually named spa sta
rted out in the UK countryside in 1988, and it might sound like an unlikely place to discover skin
products but that’s where it all started! They try and
keep the products and spas “natural, true and honest” – what more could you want from a skincare company. What I love about the brand is their moods. They have moods such as “Grumpy Cow” or “Knackered Cow”. Even if it sounds a bit odd, each mood is there to do a different task. For example, the “Grumpy Cow” is there if you are stressed out and irritable, and contains bitter orange and red mandarin to banish your grump! Two products that I really recommend are the “Lippy Cow” and the “Cow Pat Moisturising hand Crème”. The products are amazing, and for an English brand, they have pretty reasonable prices!


So if you are in London and feel the need for that all important beauty fix you are never far from an unusual and great beauty experience 🙂

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